>Morse Code or SMS

My buddy from childhood (in the photo on the left) sent me this video.

It’s a clip from the Jay Leno show where they see which is faster, Morse Code (which is 175 years old) or Text Messaging on a cellphone.

I actually was able to copy some of the code but when Jay started talking and the crowd started cheering, I couldn’t hear it.

H/T Tahoe Red.


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  1. >That was just great! Although it has been a while since I was seriously active, I also was able to pick out a couple of words even through the QRM from the audience!de AJ6F

  2. >Yeah, it’s funny how it all comes back, isn’t it?de n1ogNumber One Old Geezer(I got a vanity call when I renewed)

  3. >If we going back to the morse I will take my drumms doing the tatata dododo, and I will be the best in the smoke signals…have not see you for a while ?

  4. >I was in a public computer lab at BSU when I watched this. I lmao and got asked to leave! Sweet!

  5. >Funny stuff. You might have offended the Luddites.;-)

  6. >What scares me is that I am one of about 1 people my age or younger who knows how to use a slide rule. What would happen if the need for that stuff would come back?

  7. >That’s great!Old human communication in new design.(( Nice Weekend Mr & Mrs ))

  8. >I learned Morse in scouts years ago and we had troop competitions and were very fast. Other than SOS, I’ve forgotten it. I guess I should relearn it in case I ever have to tap on the toilet to send a message to a fellow prisoner.

  9. >I guess I should relearn it in case I ever have to tap on the toilet to send a message to a fellow prisoner.You mean they will confiscate your cell phones?Dang.I used to know semaphore (flag waving signal corps). I wish Mrs. Geezer and I would learn that again. It would come in handy when we’re 100 yards apart on hunting trips.Oh, we have radios… I forgot.

  10. >Geez – Damsel and I decided you’re the Weblog of the Week. For the week your link will be under the Never Forget Tribute wherever it appears in the ‘sphere. We also have a short post about you guys on our blog.

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