>Work Truck for Sale

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Now that I’ve solved my problem with my other truck, I can sell my Work Truck.

It has a Service Box bed for tools, equipment and parts with a sturdy roof rack on top of the steel cap.

There are many lockable compartments and slide out drawers.

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  1. >What are you asking? Is is dually? does it have a towing hitch?I’m actually in the market for one of these to make it into a SHTF vehicle.

  2. >I might need one of those … does the truck have wings too?

  3. >How many bodies could it hold?

  4. >It has a basket, a bell that rings,and things to make it look good.I’d sell it to you if I could.But I borrowed it.

  5. >That would make a swell lunch wagon.

  6. >If you still have it available please contact gt@idahohoneydolist.com

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