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click for photoI think I have solved a mystery with my truck. It hasn’t run right for over 7 years. Oh, it runs OK around town but get it out on the freeway and it starts knocking and smoking and running bad.

I tried many things to fix it including changing spark plugs, trying ultra-premium gasoline (with octane boosters), changing the O2 sensor and fiddling with the timing.

I suspected that the anti-knock sensor was bad because of all the knocking and pinging. Another symptom was that there was no water circulation through the heater core. I was told this was either because the heater was plugged or the valve wasn’t working.

Apparently (I hope) the problem was that the water pump impeller had become disconnected from the shaft. You can see how it has rubbed on the housing. It wouldn’t turn enough to force the water to move.

I have one of those ‘mechanic’s stethescopes’ that allows you to listen to engines. I was able to hear an occasional metallic grinding noise from the water pump.

When I removed the pump I found the problem.

I sure hope this fixes it because it’s a pretty nice truck considering it’s 18 years old. I hardly drove it so it has less than 85 thousand miles on it. That’s less than 5000 miles per year! Heck, I put that many miles on my Shoes.


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  1. >Glad you got it fixed Geezer, Your story reminded me of the last time I had some car trouble…I have a friend who is a mechanic, and he used to do work on the side for cash. (A good friend to have.) My old car was running rough and I left it with him. When I came back the next day, he told me he listened to the engine with his stethoscope, and thought one of the fuel injectors sounded clogged, so he banged on it a few times and cleared it.It just seemed so funny to me, not being a gear-head, and my friend couldn’t understand why I was laughing until I explained,” So, you diagnosed the problem with a stethoscope…and fixed it with a f’n hammer?! That’s outstanding!”

  2. >Good to hear that you fix your car problem. I know how it feels when car is in trouble. A year ago my mercedes catalytic converter had to be replaced. I had to spend some bucks for the said replacement. Thank god, I haven’t experienced problem upon the replacement. It feels good when our car is in good working condition, for you have no worries when your driving.

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