>Horsey Trip


click for photo We were really looking forward to the first horse ride of the year.

This is what the parking area looked like when we arrived.

Looks like a lot of people wanted to go riding.

click for photo Here’s Robert, our Farrier. He’s riding Annie, his 30 year-old, 17- hand Molly Mule.

She is huge.

I call her “Treebeard”.

click for photo Here’s a group shot before we started the ride.

Robert is going to Pony Hunter. That means he’s going to pull him behind Annie.

Hunter is wearing a Decker Pack Saddle.

click for photo This is the Horse Gate, it is supposed to keep out ATV’s.

None of our steeds have been through it before.

click for photo Mrs. Geezer decided it would be better to lead her mare through the gate.

Good Idea.

click for photo It started to rain about 40 minutes into the ride. Good thing Mrs. Geezer packed our Aussie Drover Coats, they’re made out of oilskin.

Yeah, I’m wearing a Thud-Guard. I’ve been bucked off before.

click for photo Can you see how windy it is? Robert is holding his hat on.

Look about 30 miles to the west and you can see my house.

Hunter is doing what he does best… Eat.

click for photo Hunter was pretty good during his first road trip but he did get loose a couple of times. He bucked and ran and bucked and ran… We just stood there and watched him and finally he came back to us.

Horses are Herd animals, doncha know.

click for photo Busting brush off the beaten path
click for photo Mrs. Geezer laughs about the rain.

The horse… not so much.

click for photo Annie was acting up so Robert lagged behind for some OJT.
click for photo I may look like a wrangler but don’t let the hat fool you.

Bonus Horsey Question: What kind of steering gear are each of us using?

We had a good time and progress was made in the training department.

Many Thanks to Geoff, who told me how to use a ‘table’ to align the photos and text.


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  1. >Ok that’s it.I want to come to Camp Geezer.And ride horseys.Just don’t give me Widowmaker. Let me ride Buttercup. Or Daisy.And if he bites me, you smack him good.I know Mrs. 40-less than 45 Mrs. Geezer will welcome me.

  2. >How did you know Mrs. G. had a Glock .40?

  3. >You can see it in her eyes.I can’t answer the bonus question. I don’t see a suicide knob anywhere.

  4. >Looks slick, RG!! The table, I mean.The ride looked cool, too – especially if you get to wear those cool raincoat doober thingys.

  5. >Huh, where’s the bit on those things?I used to use a snaffle bit because I thought it to be nicer for the horsie. Never saw one of those.My horse would probably have just laughed at one of those.

  6. >Oh puhleeze. Gimme a good question! 🙂 Western style side pull hackamore. I think. Very nice to see your horses on such easy head gear. Makes the “teamwork” aspect of riding much more interesting, though, doesn’t it?And yesterday was the first “decent ride” of the season. Which means we went faster than we should have for longer than my butt was ready… My sides hurt! I would have loved to go along. My little arab mare out paces my friends dutch warmblood every time. She’s 14.5, he’s 17.2. But then he’s just good for looks and not much else. Gotta get myself one of those dusters. The last time I went riding in wet weather, I was soaked through from the hips (that’s below the coat) to my insulated boots. I hate being that cold. ‘Course, it was December in the mountains.And, I hate the helmets. Makes me feel like a retard (not PC). Bummer that I don’t bounce anymore when I hit dirt. Now I break.

  7. >Heidi and Beth the Neighbor both got it right. (Beth sent me an email).The mule was wearing a Parelli Halter. You really have to be in control to make *that* work.Hackamores work pretty well as long as you’re going along with the other horses. When you try to ride away from the heard, not so much.Took us a while to figure out that Mrs. G’s horse wanted to be in the lead at all costs.

  8. >I forgot to say that MesaBlue was correct about the Snaffle bit being kinder than a ‘curb bit’

  9. >heard = herdNormally I dictate my comments to my secretary.

  10. >Hi HelmUt … hmmm does cowboys only wear hats in movies ????

  11. >Maybe I come visit Mr and Mrs Geezer !?!

  12. >Anna-lys, bring Fancy with you when you come to Camp Geezer.Don’t forget your bikinis.

  13. >LOLWe will arrive on our brooms with bikinis.

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