>Computer Shutdown Day Report

>Today was the day I accepted the challenge to shut down my computer for 24 hours. Actually I shut it off just before midnight last night.

My intention is to take a photo every hour to show what I was doing *instead* of sitting at the computer.

Ready? Let’s go.

click for photo Here we are just before 7 am, time to wake up the new puppy, Hootie, and take her out to pee.
click for photo I wandered down to one of my favorite photo spots, about 100 yards from my front door to get a shot of the power lines.

Someday I want to get the sun rising in the center. Don’t know if it will happen but it might, around the Winter Solstice.

click for photo Here’s another shot before the sun came up.

It’s the Magical Windmill.

Yeah, it’s cold in my PJ’s.

click for photo Gipsy, the horse is ready for some food.
Not just yet, I need to take some more photos.
click for photo First it’s time for my Exercises.
I love my Total Gym. Too bad I don’t use it very often.
Looks like I gave birth to a Beach Ball. Judging from the color, I’d say it’s a boy.
click for photo It’s time to throw some Hay to the horses.

Spudder the Feral Cat is going to help.

click for photo It’s a Horsey Merry-go-round. Here’s how it works:

The horse on the right is afraid of the one in the center, the one in the center is afraid of the one on the left. The Pinto gets along with everybody but the one on the left is afraid of the one on the right.

Round and round they go.

Pretty funny sometimes.

click for photo Spudder the Feral Cat gets fed too.
click for photo The Horses ate the pigtail wiring harness on the horse trailer.

I have to put on the new one that Bud The Neighbor gave us.

It was a little more complicated than I thought it was going to be.

click for photo Time to fill up the water trough. We buy ‘Feeder Fish’ to put in the water so they will eat the mosquito larvae.

PETA would be proud.

Or not.

click for photo Let’s go feed the dogs.

Hootie is playing with Mama Cass.

click for photo Mrs. Geezer is twisting the steering wheel cover. It drives me nuts.

She is driving me to our favorite store. Can you guess what it is?

click for photo Here’s a hint.
click for photo Remember when you were a kid and you stuck your arm out the window and made it go up and down like an airplane wing?

Guess what… You can still do it when you’re old.


click for photo Bud the neighbor woke me up from my Power Nap to help him move some junk.

I’m happy to help him because he helps me All The Time.

Good Neighbors are nice to have.

click for photo Here’s Bud’s old Jeep.

Some Assembly Required.

All the parts are around here somewhere.

click for photo Mrs. Geezer is getting my horse ready to go on The Big Ride tomorrow.

Can you tell the horse is trotting?

A trot is a 2-beat gait using opposite corner feet.

Are we clear on that?

click for photo Now we gotta feed them again.
click for photo Hey look, it’s that Ring-Necked Pheasant.

I like having him around. It makes me smile when I hear him out in the field.

click for photo This doesn’t make me smile.

It’s a Friggin’ Gopher hole. (Thomomys idahoensis)

All Gophers must Die.

Sometimes they outsmart me but I trapped a big one. Here’s the photo.

click for photo The window came off the track so I had to fix it before I sat down to watch a movie.

No Problemo.

click for photo Here’s tonight’s entertainment.

It’s The Longest Day. I remember seeing this in 1962.
It has an all-star cast including…..
…Mr. Paul Anka, who I used to do the Stage Lighting for.

Well that was my Day Without a Computer.

How are Things in Your Town?


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  1. >Mrs. Peel needs to keep her Cherokee away from Bud. Glad you made it back.

  2. >Seems like a productive, or at least enjoyable day.What a great idea. Maybe I’ll do that too someday.Billy D

  3. >I guess a honest answer would be; Very lonely in this town without You on the line :-)(( hugs ))

  4. >I really need to apologize to everybody because of the crappy formatting job on this post.It was probably the biggest post, with the most photos that I’ve ever done. It was tough to make it look halfway decent on *my* computer but when I looked at it on Mrs. G’s laptop it looked like crap.I should have ‘centered’ each photo and put the captions under them.

  5. >Naw – the right way to do it is to make a table with two columns. Put the photos in the cells of the left hand column and the caption in the cells of the right.Here’s how the html code looks, using asterisks instead of brackets:*table**tr* *td* */td* *td* */td* */tr**/table*Just repeat the middle line for each row and put your content inside the *td* */td* pairs.Let me know if you’d like me to email you a template.

  6. >A template would be great. I may know a little about Horse Rubbin’, but I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies or HTML.

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