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Mrs. Geezer came in and said, “You need to go outside in the bitter cold and wind and rescue Peaches“.
OK, she conveniently left out the part about the cold and wind but I discovered it immediately after going outside in my PJs.

We have a couple of trees in the center of the pasture that will eventually provide some nice shade for the horses. We don’t want them eating the trees or knocking them down so we surrounded them with an electric fence. This is the second time that the 2 year-old filly has gotten herself trapped inside. She is smart enough to stay there until someone comes to rescue her. “Yielding to Pressure” is something that horses need to learn, otherwise they will fight to escape when they get hung up in barbed wire or fencing. You can see several examples of bad horse injuries posted on this blog in the past.

I was able to lift the electric tape high enough and coax her out but I was pretty cold when I was done.

Hunter, her older brother, waits patiently for her to figure it out.

Bonus question: What are those yellow thingys on top of the T-posts?


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  1. >Well, the yellow thingies on the posts are called “insulators” I think, but the yellow things on top, besides being the obvious solution of keeping the animals from hurting themselves on the posts, I can’t think of the name. Do I get an “A” for effort?

  2. >All I know is you don’t pee on the wire. Unless you’re Dick Cheney and didn’t get your morning coffee.

  3. >Yep, Heidi gets an ‘A’.Yep, they are also insulators for the electric fence. My wife keeps care of some other horses and one of them came down on a t-post and poked a nasty hole in her chest. I don’t think that would have happened if the neighbor would have had those protectors on the top.Thanks for the visit and the comment.I like your blog, I added you to my blogroll.I see you have two of my buddies, Difster and Billy D. on yours.

  4. >I love it when I’m smarter than I thought I was. :)Thanks for the link! I found you from Difster. Loved the St. Patty’s poem.

  5. >Well, it happened again last night about 10pm. Peaches was stuck inside the (not activated) electric fence. I don’t know why she likes to go in there because there isn’t even any room to turn around. Horses are claustrophobic by nature so it’s a puzzle to me.

  6. >Hmmm, your blog seems to be very interesting. How many horses do you have in your barn right now?

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