>Yellowstone Supervolcano Activity

>click for photo
I hope I didn’t pick the wrong century to move to the Spud State.


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  1. >Wow! Fabulous colours!!!

  2. >I hate your word verification system. Half the time it eats my comments.

  3. >DBS, yeah I hate it too but I think it’s turned off.I turned it off a couple of weeks ago but today I tried to comment and it appeared it was on again.It doesn’t look like it is on at this point in time anyway.Are you using the ‘new blogger’?

  4. >Kaboom!Hey, if it happens it’ll get me here in NH too, so you may as well live in God’s country while you can my friend.Billy D

  5. >Hey if it blows, I hope some of my ashes fall in Oklahoma.;-)

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