>Important Safety Tip

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If you get a new puppy, buy her some Cow Hooves to chew on. You can get them at PetCo.

Just be careful when walking around in the dark, with bare feet.


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  1. >Tell me … what happened to You and Your bare feet in the dark?

  2. >How is she doing?

  3. >Geoff is asking about the puppy because she ate some Rat Poison. She is doing great. We just got a call from the vet today and her blood clotting is normal. We just have to give her Vitamin K-1 (Potassium) for 20 more days and she should be fine.Anna-Lys, I stepped on that cow hoof but it didn’t cut my foot. It hurt like heck though.

  4. >Glad to hear the puppy is going to be OK.Did you guys pick a name yet?

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