>Should You Vote?

>I missed one.

H/T Garfield Ridge.


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  1. >You scored 226 out of 350 possible points, or 64.57%.You should not be voting.Too bad…I will anyway!

  2. >Aced it. BOOYAH!What the hell is paris hilton doing in there?

  3. >Is that vote for MuseArt or for ANNA-LYS and Wonderings sites?

  4. >I missed two, or four if you count name/job – I didn’t know who the minority leadership was. Why should I, they’re losers – I wish it was the other way around and not the Evil One in Power with the demon Pelosi and her hunchback-henchman Reid…

  5. >I’m not allowed to tell you how many Mrs. G missed the first time. She didn’t guess at any answers and checked “I don’t know the answer” on several if she wasn’t sure.Well Duh, those answers will be counted wrong.She passed it the second time around.

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