>Blog Idaho is Censored in China

>click for picture

I don’t know if it was because of all the Sunrise Photos or the gratuitous Horse Rubbing.

Great Firewall of China | Home

Check *your* website.

H/T the Mayor of Mitchieville.

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  1. >Mine seems to be available.Though I had previous reports that it wasn’t.I have said some very unkind things about the Communist Chinese government in the past, I’m very surprised it’s not blocked.

  2. >Geezer, thought you might find this funny. I give you Chicken Police.Brass

  3. >Brass, that was pretty funny. I liked the part at the end where the chickens just walked away. “Our work here is done”.lol

  4. >I guess you should just be thankful it’s not the Russians, cause Pooty would just poison your ass or have you thrown off the top of a very tall building.

  5. >Yeah, I think I might be allergic to Plutonium.

  6. >Any site on Blogspot is blocked in China and has been since at least 2002. Oddly, Blogger is not blocked but Blogspot is.

  7. >Hi’Is that all it is for sleeping?

  8. >Thank God You have re-created your profil. I lost all addresses, when I lost my laptop. Seems to be a lovely nap 😀

  9. >Mine is on blogspot and it’s apparently available in China. Must be all that pro-totalitarianism I’m always pushing on my blog.

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