>Gopher Hunting in Idaho

>click for photo
Why wait out in the cold for those gophers?

Be comfortable.

Just don’t shoot your railing.

H/T to my buddy Ruff Cobb.


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  1. >Right ON, brotha. Thank god you’re wearing that hunting hat, otherwise I’d mistake you for…

  2. >Man, that looks like fun! If you did that a lot you’d probably want a stainless rifle, I’d think to prevent steam and chlorine from attacking the blueing….I’ve “borrowed” the pic and posted it at Mr. Completely, with credit, of course! Hope to meet you at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno this Fall. ….. Mr. C.

  3. >…Hmm!Is this so-called “status-seeking” ???Looks cosy…

  4. >ANd you remembered the most important aspect of the whole deal:The beer.

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