>First Things First

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So you’re in a car crash, what’s the first thing you do?

Call 911?
Get your insurance card?
Brush your hair?


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  1. >Or,Just brushing the bits of her boyfriends brains away.

  2. >Looks like a nervous reaction more than anything else.

  3. >Maybe brushing glass out? It looks like she needs to put on some shoes. John McClane would know better.”Shoot ze glass!”

  4. >… tring to find where her face was before the action … by following strains of the hair that still is there.Terrible!

  5. >Looks like she is going to shoot herself in the head.

  6. >It’s better to brush her hair as the first thing after the accident than to have it be the last thing she does just before the accident. Windshields really mess up your hair.

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