>Doc Peabody & Hanna Oakley

>I was searching the Las Vegas Review Journal online and came across this old story from October, 1997.


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  1. >Hi’ Geezer!Wild West May me allways think about Clint Estwood…*LOL*…

  2. >Thanks Fancy, I liked that song and the other one by the Scorpions.Go look at Fancy’s blog

  3. > “Our sport is so fantasized,” she says. “We just go out and pretend this is the Old West and have a good time.” I would call that pedagogical tricks … learning people the short history of US. Sport? Of course, if You would call our Midsummer Traditions or Vikinga Festivals for sport … then I presume it goes under the categories of sport events.;-)(taking cover)PS I am only the “piano player” DS

  4. >Great article and congrats on your inclusion! I keep meaning to try the game. This summer I introduced a “casual cowboy” element (cowboy guns, but freestyle dress) to our practice 3-gun match, but I’m the only one who tried it.

  5. >I like that ‘casual cowboy’ title. It’s loads of fun and the people you meet are less competitive. (not that being competitive is a bad thing).We used to allow double action revolvers just for people to get used to the sport and find out if they really wanted to buy a bunch of guns.

  6. >Still,Cowboys are sexy ;-p

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