>Foggy Morning in the Shire

>Foggy Robin Sunrise
Skidmarks in the Sky
This was the view in my front yard, this morning, as Nampa was covered with heavy fog.

I think that’s a robin in the tree. I saw one yesterday, the first one this year.

Later on the fog burned off but apparently was still a problem at the Boise airport.

You can see the airplane leaving skidmarks in the sky while waiting for the fog to clear.


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  1. >Lovely pic’s Geezer!!!!

  2. >Hi Geezer,Happy Valentines Day Mrs & Mr Geezer

  3. >Hey Geezer!You have amaszing picture here. The cake…*WOW*…that warmed my heart.Thank you. Have a great valentine day!

  4. >If a plane I’m on ever has to dump fuel, I might leave a skid mark as well.

  5. >I always thought as a kid that the first Robin meant spring was almost here. Here in Ohio I’ve seen them in January. Global Warming, stupid birds, or Canadian Robins, eh?

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