>Space Spud Hits Big Time

>Mutated Potato
Just in time for Valentines Day.

“Entrepreneurs in Shanghai are pushing the city’s latest food fad for Valentine’s Day – a purple potato grown from seeds taken on a space mission.

I’m almost positive that the spacecraft flew directly over Idaho.

Experiments exposed seeds to radiation, different pressures and weightlessness.

Or what we like to refer to, here in Idaho, as The Weekend.

Farmers near the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant could not be reached for comment.

Lift-off for Chinese space potato


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  1. >The french term for potato translates to “apple of the earth.” Just seemed fitting.

  2. >Not having the correct photo has never stopped me from getting the word out.;-)

  3. >What would you call Hash Browns made from purple potatoes? Hash Purples?!?!I’m sorry, that’s just ghey!

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