>Cowgirl Zamboni

>dirt Zamboni
The ground in the horse area has been getting pretty hard lately.
The horses just stand around and stomp their feet. What’s up with that?

Mrs. Geezer wanted to get the area smoothed out so I asked Bud the Neighbor if I could borrow his little Harrow.
He said “Sure, you just have to fix it first”.

We needed some parts so we drove to the John Deere store and the Tractor Salvage, but No Joy.
I decided to try to fabricate a part to get the darn thing working.

We both had fun zooming around the arena, pulling the harrow. The ground looks a lot better too.


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  1. >Hiya!Is that Mr or Mrs Geezer having fun on the track? Lovely horses in the background.Have a Nice weekend,Anna-Lys

  2. >Build it and they will come.

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