>Rock in My Shoe

>Rock shoe 1
Rock shoe 2
Rock shoe 3
Rock shoe 4
Well… not exactly in *my* shoe. In one of the neighbor’s horse’s shoe.

Mrs. Geezer noticed one of the horses was limping slightly so she called me to come down and check her out.

I tried to pry it loose using a hoof pick but it was jammed under her horseshoe.

It was a perfect fit.

Can you see the rock sticking out under her hoof in the top photo?

We had to call Robert, our Farrier, to come over and remove the horseshoe.

He did it out of the kindness of his heart and didn’t even charge the neighbor.

Can you believe the size of the rock in the bottom photo?


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  1. >Yikes! I hate it when that happens.

  2. >***WOW*** that hurt. Did everything get well?***HUG***

  3. >It’s all good now.I was amazed that the rock got jammed in her foot. She had to step on it perfectly to make it happen.

  4. >Life is a puzzle … some parts fits that shouldn’t and vice versa. I step on my high-heels perfect too, and I also get in trouble with those small narrow things in between stones, they fit perfectly well!!! But, occasionally some nice gentlemen get me loose. And I galopp away with my long red hair pony-tail in the air on happy feet in high-heels.

  5. >I watched a TV show about shoeing horses. Very interesting how the hoofs are cleaned and shaved down befoe the shoes are nailed down. Cool.I’ve only been riding once. It was on a friend’s horse. She gave me a mare, supposedly the most docile she had. I don’t think the mare liked me because the minute I let my guard down, she took off up a hill and tried to rub me off on a tree trunk.I wasn’t very good in a gallop either. Kept bouncing my butt on the saddle like a kid on grampa’s knee.

  6. >Kept bouncing my butt on the saddle like a kid on grampa’s knee.Unfortunately, that’s the method *I* use also.Shoeing is more complicated than I imagined, you have to make sure you trim the hoof correctly for alignment. We actually don’t put shoes on our horses, only trim them every 8 weeks. The Farrier says it’s more healthy for them and as long as we don’t ride them through rocky ground, it’s better.

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