>A Soirée of Spudders

>blogger dinner
I’ve been lazy about posting about our recent Blogger Dinner. We had a real good time and enjoyed some good food at the Chuck-a-Rama in Boise last week.

(Clockwise around the table from left)

It was good to finally meet Adam and Andrea from Adam’s Web. Surprisingly, Adam was the only one to show up wearing a kilt.
Adam is also involved with the Committee to elect John Cox President.

Joel “Bubblehead” Kennedy, a Retired Submarine Officer, writes The Stupid Shall be Punished, which was a Finalist in the 2006 Weblog Awards.

Rhonda Cramer teaches Shakespeare at BSU, her husband, Clayton Cramer is one of Idaho’s Premiere bloggers.

I was there promoting Innocent Bystanders, a group blog I’m a part of.

Mrs. Geezer just wanted a free meal, it was only fair, she feeds the Feral Cat.

Tom Hoefling is involved with several important blogs, he is the Chariman of Idahoans for Tax Reform.

I hope our next meeting will be at a place more conducive to conversation.

Update: Clayton Cramer has kindly fixed the exposure and balance on the photo.


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