>Barbaro meet Frisbee

>Frisbee and PeanutI’m sure that most of you know about Barbaro, the racehorse that had to be put down.
We have sad news from Camp Geezer also. When my wife came back from the neighbor’s field a couple of days ago, I could tell she had been crying.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“I was just saying goodbye to an old friend.” she replied.

Frisbee, one of the first horses that we rode when we moved here, needed to be put down. Her health was failing. It was time.
She wasn’t our horse, she belonged to the neighbor but we were very fond of her. She and Mrs. G had a special bond. When Mrs. G would walk down to the pasture and give her Special Whistle, Frisbee would whinny from across the 10-acre pasture and would always beat all the horses to greet her. They would walk around the field together and the horse would listen as Mrs. G. talked.

She was a good riding horse, very reliable in the mountains. She was also a good mother to her colts. Here she is with her last colt, Peanut. This picture was taken back in May, 2006, shortly after her colt was born.

Frisbee was put down on the same day as Barbaro. Coincidence, I think not.

Right now, she’s probably galloping across lush meadows in Horsey Heaven, showing Barbaro her tail.
Take that, Thoroughbred.


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  1. >So sad for You that loved her!But, they sure are happily galloping and jumping around on the clouds.(( hug ))

  2. >The darling mama. Precious mare. I cried too. Poor Mrs Geezer!

  3. >Part of life, but it doesn’t make it easy. My father-in-law stopped owning dogs because it hurt him too much when they died. Condolences.

  4. >Just popping in to say I am thinking of You Mrs and Mr Geezer. Last October I lost my BorderCollie “Magic”. She has been by my side for 14 years … I still call her name also, when I call in my Flatcoated Retriver “Blackie”. The lost is huge, an empty space beside me!Yes, I did name them after Carlos Santanas “Black Magic Woman” (I was the woman *lol*).My birds names are Pink (female) and Floyd (male) ;-)Have as pleasant weekend you can manage, under the conditions you live in, right now!(( hugs ))

  5. >(inappropriate joke warning)I REALLY hope that the large dark horse was a female!(back to reasonably human comment)One of my best friends in the service, his parents owned a number of horses, I think 4, and a pony. Anyways, his family owned them, but there were two horses that were THEIR horses. I think he called his fathers horse a “tenesee walker?” that sound right?Well, anyways, his fathers horse was the walker, and was OLD! (I guess) and his mothers horse was healthy.The other horses they sold off cuz it was clear the boys lost interest and the pony was put down (kinda of a depressingly hillarious story, but ultimately it’s very sad)Anyways, about beloved animals passing. I saw My friends fathers “walker” for the only time when I was invited for New Years, and she wasn’t lame, but acted. . like a narcoleptic, or a drunk. She Would start to list to a side, then bend the opposite knee, over compensate, and repeat until finaly she sat down for a second then stand back up.It wasn’t constant, but I saw it several times, and during my last morning there, I watched it happen while we all sat in the breakfast nook of the house, and see this poor creature go through that same routine and I asked if they were gonna put her down.My buddy’s father said, that he was worried about when that would be necessary, but he’s assured that it’s just basicaly something like horse alzheimers, and he will care for the horse until there is pain, thats when he will consider euthenizing the creature.My buddy said that his dad, every day spends time with his old horse, and I believe both of their story’s. There didn’t seem to be any pain in the horse, but it’s obvious that poor (and beautiful) creature would have to be put down, but until the suffering is anything more than confusion, his father can’t bring himself to destroy the animal that wasn’t just a symbiotic servant, but also a lovely and caring pet.(pets don’t have to fit on a couch to be pets)

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