>I Won, I Must be Smart

>geezer Einstein
Every Friday in Mitchieville is MENSA Day. Go match wits with a Nitwit The Mayor.

“Another weekend is upon us, is everyone excited? I sure am, because that can only mean one thing: It’s MENSA Friday. By far the bestest game ever in the history of civilization. Sure, Deal or no Deal is pretty popular, but in MENSA Friday you don’t have to put up with that insufferable pr**k Howie Mandel. Howie in the hell does that guy keep finding work? Only in America, I suppose.”

Go check out the Mayor’s test
Mitchieville: MENSA Friday:


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  1. >Howie finds work because he’s funny, witty, charming, and sexalicious. Sorry you don’t agree, but lots of us do. Have a great one!

  2. >Whoa, Barb.That was the Mayor that said that about Howie. He was actually kidding when he said that. I know this because I’ve been in the Mansion at Mitchieville and I’ve seen the posters of Howie all over the den. I might even use the word Shrine to describe it.Mrs. G and I watch DorND all the time. Whenever the people refuse the deal and I think they should have taken it, I hope they get bad cases.Is that wrong of me?

  3. >As one of the fine readers of Mitchieville said, “Howie Mandel is Canada’s gift to the U.S”Enjoy him.Love,The Mayor

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