>Thanks, Kim du Toit.

>sitemeter photo
I casually looked at my sitemeter today and got quite a shock.

Normally I cruise along around 200 visits per day.

Yesterday I got around 2000 visits, and around 7000 Page Views.

Checking the Referrals I see that most of them came from Kim du Toit,
and they were linked to the WARNING Graphic Image – Knife Wounds post.

Go check out Kim’s blog. You can also read one of his better Essays by clicking on the Real Men Essays on my right Sidebar.

Thanks, Kim.


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  1. >I used to visit his old site daily before he shut it down overnight (back when he was doing that home-schooling business – I don’t know how that went). Then I kind of lost track of him. I sure like his no-nonsense attitude.

  2. >I just discovered who sent my link to Kim du Toit.Yeah, like Kim reads *this* moronblog.It was Bill Williams.Thanks Bill.

  3. >The most hits I’ve ever had in one day is 400.

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