>New Fighting Vehicle

>Pelosi Fighting Vehicle

The Democrats, wanting to seem like they support the troops, have introduced a new Tank.

Note the absence of forward mounted weaponry. This allows for extreme visibility and makes it possible for CO’s to operate the forward position, without compromising their beliefs.

Styled as sort of a cross between a Bradley, a Humvee and Ghost Rider, this highly maneuverable killing machine will be sent to ‘The Losers Kids in Irak’ late this year.
If they’re still there.

Dubbed, “The Pelosi Fighting Vehicle”, it should come in well under the estimated cost of 1.2 million dollars. Contracts have already been awarded to personal friends of Senator Robert Byrd.

H/T Parson Colt.


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  1. >Next step could be like the Mexicans. Take away their guns and give them slingshot.

  2. >And the gunner is already in the *prayer position*…that should ce in handy.

  3. >Pelosi would never allow those. There are EVIL GUNS involved. Or maybe it’s just a replica of a gun, but that’d probably be unacceptable too….. …… Mr. C.

  4. >It has an MG because the Democrats support our troops. It is facing backwards because the Democrats support our troops by ordering them to retreat.

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