>What are those Spots?

>Utah Spots
See the light colored spots on the ground?

What do you think they are?

I took this picture in Utah, in September, flying about 500 feet above the ground.


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  1. >I think they are the original location of tumbleweeds – before they commenced tumbling.There appears to be a dark spot in the center of each one. Could this be what is left of the stem/trunk of a tumbleweed?

  2. >It’s where the bodies are buried.

  3. >My guess is animal wallows, or “rubs”

  4. >Part shadow and half Cactus or tree is my guess.

  5. >Enas was right, they are Anthills.I know this because Flyin’ Brian has landed near them many times.They are all over the northeast corner of Utah… maybe all over the state.Retired Geezer

  6. >No doubt about it those are ant hills. The ants strip every living thing around their nests. I spent hours as a kids shooting, burning and sometimes blowing up anthills.

  7. >WHOOT!I rock! Ant hills baybee!!(Actually I glimpsed a photo title as it was loaded)

  8. >(Actually I glimpsed a photo title as it was loaded)I should have called it ‘GiantElephantTurds.jpg;-)

  9. >BILBO BAGGINS slices and dices thoer moster spiders witha lightsaber(I just cut this Spurwing Plover comment from the George Lucas post at AoS and pasted it here.)Why won’t he comment at *my* site?NOT Spurwing Plover.

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