>Why Cops Shoot Guys with Knives

> The officer figured, due to his size and fighting skills, he could disarm a knife wielding aggressor.
To all the idiots out there who always say, “Why did the cops have to shoot him? He only had a (insert your choice of weapons here, i.e. knife, bat, club. whatever) he didn’t have to be shot”, you should look at the photos.

If an officer tells you to drop your weapon, just drop it. If you’re a retard, stupid, on crack, mental or just “scared” … too bad. No one deserves what this cop got for just doing his job.

This is vivid proof of how deadly people who are “only armed with a knife” can be. Some of the public think that officers should try to disarm someone armed with a knife but anyone who has had training in knife fighting will tell you even if you win, you are going to get cut.
Keep this in the back of your mind when confronting someone armed with an edged weapon.

Be forewarned, photos are graphic:
Photo 1 – – – Photo 2 – – – Photo 3

If you are 21 feet away from a criminal with a knife, you are potentially 3 seconds away from being cut.

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  1. >If someone goes for a gun they are trying to scare you, if someone goes for a knife, they are trying to hurt, and maybe kill you.Give me fear over imminent violence.Guns demonstrate “power” without the clear prospect of imminent violence. Knives are a weapon of personal aspect. If someone pulls a knife, or a club of some sort, I reach for the nearest weapon, preferably one that I can throw hard enough to give me time to run.Same thing with the gun, but I will generaly take a placating stance prior too, or until someone else nearby draws a gun.(theres a lot of guns (almost all illegal) in my neighborhood)

  2. >Holy Crap!What’s the story behind this? Are these photos of a cop who got cut?

  3. >Growing up had a friend who’s father was a cop and enjoyed the evidentiary duty of keeping an eye on the forensic guys. (oddly enough he was a nice guy, young, but he had this one sick streak) he used to keep copies of crime scene photo’s. Of all of the murder photos (a lot of them) The vast majority were knife killings, the gun photo’s were either incidental deaths (still homicide, and even more disturbing actually, cuz you know that these people didn’t have a bullet with their name on it, but rather a bunch of bullets with someone elses) or Suicides (still homicides)I would say that whenever I think about it (thanks geezer) that was a rather traumatic experience (I was only 13 or so, cuz I was still riding my 10 speed)

  4. >If a LEO, where the heck was his vest? That is why they are issued to them. This begs a better explanation.[Whew!]

  5. >I was a military weapons instructor for a lot of years. We had the tapes to show the sort of reaction times you had, the effects, and the psychology of one who has, and uses, a knife. We taught tactics and psychology as well. If you have a knife, I WILL shoot you. Immediately.

  6. >Kevlar is EXCELLENT against most bullet fragments, quite good against pistol-grade bullets, good against rifle-grade bullets, and absolutey USELESS against edged weapons! duPont warned the vest makers about the problem with Kevlar and edges when they first introduced it, back in the mid-’70’s. SOME armor makers took heed and CLEARLY INDICATED on their products that Kevlar will not stop a blade. Others did not, and their products were eventually pulled like a bad tooth.NEVER assume a ‘bullet-proof’ vest such as Kevlar will stop a blade; that’s the fastest way to wind up looking like this guy – or worse.

  7. >The last anon is correct. Cop’s vests are bullet resistant. The only folks who wear stab resistant vests on a regular basis are corrections officers.

  8. >Army of Dad had a good point. I guess if you can cut Kevlar fabric with scissors (when you are assembling the vest), you could sure cut it with a knife.I’m visualizing something like chain mail for the corrections officers.

  9. >Saw a demo of a vest one time. Shot the vest with a 30-30 Win and it was stopped dead cold with no penetration. They shot an identical vest with a compound bow and arrow with a hunting broadhead. Went completely through the vest, front and back.

  10. >Ballistic armor is not completely useless against edged weapons. It still offers some extra thickness that resists cutting. That little margin can save your life, assuming you know your way around knives.

  11. >No playing around trying to be Superman… cap the bastard and then eat a hearty meal knowing that you have done a good thing.

  12. >Having only rudimentary training in knife fighting (3 years of Escrima), I have gladly assisted many black belts in sharpening their knife defense techniques against me. Not one would have survived. Not because I’m good, but because knives are so very deadly. If I have a knife (and I usually carry a small Spyderco) I am not afraid.

  13. >Here’s the TinyURL link, if anyone wants to link this post:http://tinyurl.com/2lcwwd

  14. >Pretty much all of the anon’s.People with guns tend to be put off center if you move against them, ESPECIALLY if you move towards them. too many people think “I’m a badass, I can defeat a little pissant 4″ knife” Though that is completely stupid, especially if you see someone holding that knife inverted.In, I,THINK(I mentioned this briefly at aces) L.I.N.E. 3 (I forget the meaning of the acronymn) The first, the FIRST thing you are taught, is NOT that you are gonna easily kill someone with a knife (they did not do this with the Close Quarter handgun disarmament and killing(cuz really, if anyone threatens deadly force, you don’t responde with incapacitation, you EFFING KILL THEM)) “If you are in a knife fight, no matter how good you are, you will get cut, your job is to cut them till they can’t cut you or anyone, so that you can face your next enemy”Knives? I wouldn’t say terrify me, but If someone comes at me with a knife, and I have the means of killing that EFFER before he is able to harm me? I will do it.Like I said, a gun demonstrates ABILITY, but it’s too easy, First several months in WWI, most rifles were never fired, in WWII, the number growed above 50% in the first years of OPEN post tonkenn vietnam most rifles were never fired. It isn’t cowardice, it was excessive target discipline.I can understand that in the civvy world (not at war, I would have shot through a newly born infant to kill it’s murderous father, and HOPEFULY ignorant automaton mother (I know, it’s cruel) so that no more rounds kill innocents. That mother, that father made that infant a combatant, Not me, I would have suffered GREATLY, but not out of guilt but out of curiosity about how cruel peoples can be.) You don’t wanna kill someone unless it’s on a level playing field, but. . . Thats ME! a Civvy, without a gun, and owning a knife. I will face a prick head on fist to fist, thinking the fight will end with either him being incapacitated on the ground with our respective allies seperating us, but if there is ANY WEAPON! ANY!!! I will draw my pocket knife that I keep in the small of my back, or tucked under my belt buckle horizontal (just unzip about 3 teeth of your zipper of your pants, or manipulate it through the top and second button of your dress pants. LITERALY, I went NOWHERE without a knife for about 9 years including international flights) If I ever sense, or experience an imminent POSSIBILITY of combating or facing deadly force?I draw my knife. I’ve done it several times, though I don’t think my current favorite knife is my prefered weapon anymore, so I don’t carry it as much, at least not in a ready belt grab.Still.One of the reason why I think that anyone with a knife is more threatening than anyone with a gun?It takes skill to use a gun, if you oppose a gun user who doesn’t know how to use it? he tends to shoot innocents, so he should be killed as quickly as possible with your knife.But a Knife is personal, it is direct, it is Terrifying, and it has lethality even if you move quick, cuz you will likely run into that knife again on your way dodging the next strike.Also, Knives? CRUEL! and personal. Guns? Mechanical and “easy” so the punks think.Sorry, I went on for too long.

  15. >Any Officer or Deputy who takes a knife for granted is a fool. I don’t care how good you think you are, go hand to hand with a knife weilder and even if you win you’ll shed some blood or worse if you lose.If you haven’t looked at “Edged Weapons” by Caliber Press lately, do so.Tim Perry, UndersheriffAuthor – Basic Patrol Procedures

  16. >Kevlar DOES stop cutting implements. That’s why butcher gloves are made of it. A Level IIA or better vest will stop almost any slash. It may not stop a thrust, certainly not a determined one. That still leaves a lot of your body exposed, however, including various parts you don’t want cut.I would never assume someone with a gun doesn’t want to hurt me. Weapon is irrelevant. If they escalate to weapon, I will assume they mean to use it and kill them if I can. I’ve had punks look at my merchandise and gleefully demonstrate their badassness for their friends, about how they’ll grab someone, close and perforate them. I remember such faces, and make note to shoot them out of hand if they ever approach me on the street.

  17. >The photos were of a law enforcement officer, I received them through a training bulletin last year. I tried to find it, but I’d apparently erased it. The officer did not ultimately suffer any long debilitating injuries IIRC. Oh, and to the ‘prison tats’ comment – A single piece of art on someone doesnt’ make it a ‘prison tat’ prison tatoos are generally crude due to the unavailability of actual ink and small bore needles. One of the best cops I know, when he’s off duty, resembles a walking mural with enough piercings to satisfy “Trudy” of “Pulp Fiction”.

  18. >A single piece of art on someone doesnt’ make it a ‘prison tat’No offense intended by that remark. I’m always teasing my daughter about *her* ‘prison tats’.

  19. >I’d point out that despite their appearance, none of the wounds pictured are particularly severe compared to what one sees with many edged weapons attacks. Despite his numerous and severe wounds, I doubt the victim was hors de combat due to his injuries.As author Fred Rexer pointed out, “There is one unquestionable rule in knife fighting: never get into a knife fight. There are no winners in edged weapon contests — only losers to varying degrees.”Knives are best used as tools. Learn to use a firearm, carry it always and remember the Tueller Drill. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tueller_Drill

  20. >I and All of my friends including my brother, and his best friend, and another older friend, and several women, have the same tatoo.THAT tatoo that I’m talking about was given thanks to a piece of cotton and a sewing needle.If ever I met any of you, I will show it to you, it is not a significant tatto, but it is ONLY given by those of use who have recieved it. I was the first to give so I recognize. The ink was from a common bic pen, mixed with burnt ashes from cigarettes and other combustables.My group, my clicke of DORKS, wield that tag, though we could mostly afford it to be a clean tat, we all wield tats created by others of our group.I’m yammering.The point. Not all tats are “arty” BS, or any crap like that, in fact my brother stole the only two tats I wanted for myself, just say’n

  21. >I have researched extensively the effectiveness of vests. A freind of mine had an incedent with a knife wielding homeless man in the soup kitchen. He was lucky enough to not receive any injuries but the other man was severly cut near the left eye. I decided then and there to help protect those in the line of duty from knives. I have since then designed a vest that is more effective than kevlar. Kevlar is ruined by prolonged exposure to moisture and lasts for only five to ten years. My vests are completely breathable and weigh only about 3 or 4 pounds and will stop most stabs. They will last for decades if washed when needed (you can just wash them by themselves in the clothes washer). They are around $175 depending on size, flexible, and are eaily concealable. If anyone is interested please email me at go_crazy4_free@yahoo.com. Please ask any questions or comments on this blog for all to see.Also, I can make gloves, sleeves, or anything you can wear knife resistant.

  22. >That looks like it really, really hurt.A lot.

  23. >I started carrying a knife at about the time I was 13 and i heard sum1 was going to start a fight with me, although it was only about a 3inch blade. I only pulled that knife on sum1 once in my life. Anyway i fully believe that you should always carry a knife.For your information i carry a knife with a 7and 1/2 inch blade when i go to school and a 11 inch hunting knive when i go for a walk somewhere, and a stick about 3 inches thick and the size of a baseball bat

  24. >regarding my last cooment the knife that i carry to school has a blade about 3 inches not 7 and a half inches sorry for the mistake

  25. >This victim was lucky that the perp wielding the knife rather obviously didn’t know what he was doing. A slasher…lots of anger and wasted motion, as an amateur observer, I’d say a disorganized mind and a frenzied attack. No focus, no aim, no control. The victim: scarred pretty badly, but survives. Had I done the work, there’d be two or three puncture wounds and the victim would be on a slab. That’s why a knife, in cool hands, is far FAR more dangerous than a handgun. The bunny gets penetrated over and over and over, and the punctures are delivered to where they do the most harm. One lucky cop, when you look at it that way.

  26. >For information, I don’t know if anyone has commented on this previously, but this IS a Corrections Officer that was attacked by an inmate wielding a box cutter. These pictures were pasted in the station and also shown at our academy when teaching the 21ft rule.

  27. >well this looks ugly, everyone who raises his hand on a cop should be killed instantly if you ask me. 1. i wear a knife, 2. i only wear it for protection, because once i was beaten up by 6-7 bullies for no reason, and had nothing in my pocket with what i could defend myself (in that situation, knife would be better solution than gun, even if i had a gun i couldnt pull it in time) 3. i never stabbed anyone yet, and to be honest i even dont know could i ever, maybe in some death treating situation, im a student, i never cause trouble to anyone, everyone knows me as polite and good man. i just dont want to be beaten like that again, and i pray, that i have courage and strenght to use knife if someone attacks me again (sorry for bad english)

  28. >Just so you know I remember when this happened and the officer was wearing his vest. The hunting knife cut right through it.

  29. >bulletproof vests these days will do a good job of stopping shrapnel and some small arms fire but for the most part, they don’t stand up well against attacks from an edged weapon. I saw something promising, though. Apparently there is a high rate of edged weapon attacks in the UK so one british company has started manufacturing kevlar vests with knife protection. Essentially it’s a standard vest over modern day chain mail. A series of small steel links to prevent penetration. doesn’t help much against a bullet but it seems to stop a knife thrust pretty well.

  30. >That sounds like good news for the UK police. Sort of Old School… like Medieval.

  31. >yo this guy got FUCKED UP

  32. >These photos really changed the way I think about knife wounds and what cops are up against. At least he survived.

  33. >whoever said that Kevlar vest doesn’t protect you from knife attacks are wrong…i have a Kevlar vest with anti-stab panels… and it saved my life once…a robber tried to jack my car… stabbed me in the back…it bent his blade… took out my HK usp .40, once he saw it he ran like no tomorrow…should have shot him in the back, pretty sure my bullet wouldn’t have bent

  34. >To hksaveslives: ok, your vest had anti-stab panels. but does every vest have anti-stab panels? when they say kevlar is ineffective against edged weapons, they’re not referring to specialized vests. they’re referring to standard kevlar bulletproof vests. e

  35. >In my oppinion, dont ever, ever, ever, use a knife even if your trained and drilled. EVER. I kknow a few people who have been injured. You never win. Grab a long range blunt weapon if you dont have a firearm. strike or throw and run like crazy, dont be a hero with a knife because your best off calling in proffesionals then trying to handle things yourself.

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