>Life Comes at You Fast

>K-Fed, or as I like to call him, Fed-ex, has been signed to do a commercial during the Super Bowl.

“COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Britney Spears no longer wants him as her husband and audiences have been cool to his attempt at a rap music career, but Kevin Federline

His debut rap album, ‘Playing With Fire,’ sold a dismal 6,500 copies in its first week of release last fall.
K-Fed tapped for Super Bowl ad:


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  1. >That boy just needs smacked upside the head! Good grief. Everytime I see him, I want to tell him to take a shower!

  2. >I could release an album, in less time, and sell more copy’s.Of course I would only sell copy’s cuz people would be waiting for me to have some sort of emotional breakdown midway, and link it on every moron blog, but still, I’d be more successful than that dancer guy, who’s rhythm is so bad, he has 4 kids with women who hate him.

  3. >He’s a pathetic twit who will soon be driving a used Neon instead of a porsche. Not my problem. But I did think I had finally heard the last about him.

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