>Snow Hawk

>snowhawk 1
snowhawk 2
One of the Red-Tailed Hawks that lives out in the field, came into the yard to have a look at our chickens.

In the first picture he is staring into the pen.

In the second picture he has leaped up and is trying to get in.


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  1. >Your pictures of that wonderful rural life are superb. That hawk is neat, one of natures many wonders.

  2. >I’ll assume that the 3rd, unpublished picture, shows an pile of singed feathers where the hawk used to be. Last week I spotted a hawk eating a feathered rat (pidgeon) under an overpass while I was driving home. It was like a small piece of Wild Kingdom right in the middle of the city. I wish I’d had my camera in the car that day.

  3. >Spudder the Cat eats the cute little baby bunnies. I think she got 3 yesterday.This causes Mrs. Geezer some distress but the fact is that the bunnies cause a lot more damage with their tunnels than the cat does.We don’t have any pigeons around here.

  4. >Trouble Brewing.lol”Hank’s Home for Homeless Hawks”I guess Spudder should be worried if Ed’s Dingo Farm moves in next door.

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