>Game Night at Camp Geezer

Tommy Nails
Tonight we had some friends and relatives over so we decided to play “Catch Phrase”.

It’s a game kind of like Charades, only you can talk.

One of the group didn’t want to play so he sat in the chair and fell asleep.

He didn’t realize the penalty for passing out is you get your nails painted.

Tomorrow we’re going to try to take him to a Biker Bar before he notices his stunning new nails.


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  1. >To spudder?Sorry about the gay thing.You too housecat.You too horses.You too chickens.(you got any more animals geezer?)

  2. >LOL That’ll larn him to play when he oughta. By the way, I really like that shade of red.

  3. >Too funny!I love CatchPhrase. We play it a lot. It gets more difficult when you add alcohol.As for the fingernails…yep, that would have happened at my house, too!

  4. >drc, do you play that you have to use the word that pops up? (no skipping hard words). We don’t anymore.That’s the only thing bad about that game, it starts to repeat words after playing for a while, especially if you allow skipping words.Another photo before he discovered his nails.

  5. >LOLLooking at the third picture … can Imagine when he takes the fingers out of his mouth … please the fourth pic NOW!!!

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