>Bunny Tracks in the Snow


Yep, that’s what they are.

Oh yeah and my truck tires too.

Which way was the bunny running?

The bottom picture shows Bunny Tracks of a different kind.


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  1. >Was bunny running away from where the photo is taken?

  2. >Blue Bunny is the best store-bought ice cream in my not so humble opinion.

  3. >I’ll say they are running toward the camera. The bunny jumps with its back feet even, then one foot hits the ground and then the other a little further forward. Then the two back feet hit even on the ground. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  4. >I was thinking that they run like a horse, where the back legs make the spread out pattern.But then I don’t know a thing about rabbits….

  5. >I think Enas is right. I’ll have to ask my tracking buddy.

  6. >I agree with Brewfan about Blue Bunny being one of the best ice creams. It’s about half the price of those snooty brands, (Ben and Jerry’s and Haagan Daz).You can buy it at the local Wal*Mart.Have you ever tried the Blue colored flavor?Ummmm.

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