>Bright Comet Now Visible

The Astronomy Picture of the Day usually has some good stuff.
For the next few days the McNaught Comet will be visible, close to the sun around sunrise and sunset.

Warning: Don’t stare at the sun, you morons.

APOD: 2007 January 9 – McNaught Now Brightest Comet in Decades


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  1. >Are there any alien spaceships hiding behind this one?One can only hope.Mr Minority

  2. >Oh, Nice Pic and pretty sunset. We have been getting some really nice ones down here also. On the way to Grandma’s House Christmas Eve, we saw the most beautiful sunset I have seen in a long time, and me with no camera.Mr Minority

  3. >Full Disclosure: I didn’t take that shot of the comet but I have taken a few shots of the sunrise that I’m proud of.

  4. >Nice sunset RG! One of the reasons I love Ariz. is because of the beautiful sunsets you can see there. Just gorgeous.

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