>Happy Birthday Elvis

>Golden Joe Baker
Steve Connelly
Flying Elvises 1993
Yep, today is the birthday of The King of Rock and Roll. He would be, what, 71 today?

The top photo is of me and Golden Joe Baker (RIP). He was sort of a comedy Elvis at an afternoon show that I did the lighting for, at the Sands Hotel (RIP).
The Sands was demolished and the Venetian now stands on that spot.

The bottom photo is Steve Connolley. Just before I retired, I created the lighting for his show at Bally’s. It was a labor of love. Steve is the best Elvis impersonator I’ve ever seen.

I have a video of the last show I did with Steve. He spent about 3 minutes, during his finale, talking about me and what a great job I did on his Lighting.

Thanks Steve.

You can usually check him out at the Fitzgerald Hotel on the Strip.

Tell him that Pat the Lightman says howdy from Idaho.

UPDATE: My buddy, Kelso, was one of the Original Flying Elvises that appeared in the movie “Honeymoon in Vegas”.
He was the 3rd dot out of the airplane.

He sent me this photo of the original crew, taken in 1993.


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  1. >Ohhh…Fitzgeralds. That is my favorite spot in Vegas. They have the best Sunday Champagne Brunch in town.

  2. >Yeah, that would be one reason to go back to Vegas for a visit. That and the most excellent salad bar at Souper Salad.

  3. >I scrolled down from the “scariest accident ever” post, and I thought that you were talking about the tie.

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