>Weird Al – White and Nerdy

>Pretty funny video from the King of Parody.
I imagine it would be even funnier if you were familiar with the original song.

H/T to Don Carne for reminding me of this video.


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  1. >At first I didn’t recognize him in his wig. That was hilarious! I’ve always enjoyed Weird Al.

  2. >I’m VERY white, and all of the girlfriends I’ve ever had have known that and a few of them have been QHITE BLACK! and something they have said to me is “I love your ‘groove'” meaning that I know the rythm and groove of “black” music.I think that this video is AWESOME!!! for 3 reasons.1) Al wrote great lyrics and voiced them excellently.2) in the video Al Grooves like a lazy rapper.3) because Donny Osmond is the background dancer.

  3. >WP,I caught Donnie as the background dancer too, he was great. Weird Al has a great sense of humor.

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