>Flyin’ Brian Christmas


Flyin’ Brian has a lot to be thankful for this Christmas.

His leg is still bothering him.

The two bones in his lower leg were sticking out of his skin and his ankle was blown out after the crash. He has a broken nose, broken ribs and broken vertibrae in his back.

It will be at least 3 months before he can take off the back brace.

If the Lord brings the family of Kevin Orr to mind, please continue to pray for them.


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  1. >I don’t like the look on flyin brians face in the second pic.He might be trying to hard. . .because. . .well, you know, the whole “broken back” thing.But he’s still in better shape than I am, and he has all the will, even if he lacks any whatsoever, because it’s obvious everyone around him will make sure that he is complete and healthy when this is done.You are all good people.heheh, “poot” is a part of my security validation.

  2. >Best wishes for a speedy recovery in the New year to Flyin’ Brian.Happy Holidays! to his kin and friends who have rallied around him in love.May Mr. Orr’s family and friends find comfort and strength in his memory.He was one of the Good Guys who look out for us all.

  3. >All things considered he looks fine.RG,Happy-happy to you and yours.

  4. >Did you actually hang an ornament on his cast?Hope your Christmas–and Flyin’ Brian’s–was great, and many blessings in the New Year.

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