>The Ten Most Dangerous Toys.

>I can see how Lawn Darts might make the Top Ten.

I utilized a Slip ‘n Slide to injure my little sister.
That probably should have made the list too.
Darn it.

Our toy box from hell.


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  1. >It makes me sick that they outlawed Jarts.That was a fun game.

  2. >Oh, and say, did you ever cover your pond?It has been unseasonably warm here and when we approach the pond we can hear frogs jumping into the water. A whole climate warmer in there.I’ve been thinking of opening one end and feeding the fish.

  3. >Once the weather got colder (freezing), all the algae cleared up.I still have the bubbling fountain but I added a ‘tank heater’ to keep it from freezing. Supposedly just the water movement from the fountain would have kept it from freezing but it developed ice except for a foot-square section in the center.

  4. >When I was maybe 8 years old, my parents bought me a suction cup bow and arrow kit. The thing was I was already in the cub scouts, so I practed making an arrow, with an authentic arrowhead I found while on my ten mile “indian hike.” I decided I should shoot that arrow I made, with my found arrow head.I shot it at my brother.I wasn’t allowed to touch that bow again.

  5. >WP, I am amazed that your brother survived your childhood.

  6. >We are both very fortunate examples of darwinian fitness, elzbth.

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