>Window Delivered

Mrs. Geezer delivered the 3 windows today in the rain.

We’ll post better photos when the sun comes out.

Rain, rain, go away.


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  1. >Nice! I thought those were what they are! You need some close-ups though. It looks like the are a string of flowers on a vine. Yes?Do y’all actually install them – or is that the customer’s responsibility?I want to try my hand at stained glass sometime, it looks like a lot of fun.

  2. >She’s got crazy mad skillzd in t

  3. >Yep, Enas.She does a rough sketch for the client, has them pick out the glass then she builds it.She worked many, many 12-hour days to get these done before the deadline.

  4. >If I weren’t retarded, hateful, had any creative skill, or the ability to see beauty as it exists, the I could SO! do that too.I’m not that impressed, even though I actually am, as i already admitted, but I have to keep up the bravado, otherwise I would have to look at the list of my “creations” which consists of about a hundred composition notebooks filled with self pitty, and then get a full panel tat with scarified accents, to punish myself.(note, I know the words, but I’m really not this pathetic, not even close.)

  5. >I just noticed.Nice! I thought those were what they are! Thank you enas. I would have guessed that they were windows from the very begining, seeing as how they were made out of GLASS!Just screwing around. lousy sleep night, gotta get my smartassedness out now, before I go crazy from lack of sleep.also, a heheh moment. my security confirmation includes the word “poon”heheh.

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