>Smart or Stoopid?


I scored a 24 but the cat was rubbing against my leg and that distracted me.

Yeah, that’s it.


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  1. >25 but in fairness to you our cat was out of the room 🙂

  2. >27, my only excuse is I didn’t notice the timer until the how many minutes in a day, I knew the near exact of 1440, but I took my time looking for the precise answer.If I had noticed the timer before I would have just looked at the answers, then the question. I for some reason got thrown off, but I guess that is part of the test, I was too dumb to pay attention to the parameters.

  3. >I just took the test again.Since I took it last time, the average score droped by 2/10ths. to 17.8.I’m sorry, but the number of questions and the content of the questions, for 17.8 to be an average means that we have a significantly retarded cross section in which we are comparing ourselves.

  4. >I got a 26 on the first try (I am 46.1% smarter than the average WickedPinto). The number of minutes in a day got me (ran out of time), plus who was the singer of some the dumb ass rap song.

  5. >28. But WP’s minute comment tipped me off.

  6. >I haven’t taken it again but I’ll tell you if I get a better score.You don’t think I’ll tell you if I do Worse, do you?

  7. >26.What’d I win?

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