>Massive Duck Die-Off in Idaho

Yeah, I know it’s not a Duck. I didn’t have a duck photo.

I took this (big) picture in my back yard.
The smaller picture I got off the Intertubes.

I bet you City Slickers can’t identify it.

Maybe DinT, Geoff, Mr. Minority and Skinbad can.

“BOISE, Idaho (AP) – More than 1,000 mallard ducks have died along a single creek in southern Idaho, and officials on Wednesday tested tissue samples to find out why.

National News- Massive Duck Die-Off in Idaho

H/T Elzbth.

UPDATE: All my heavy hitters got the wrong answer, here’s the right answer.

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  1. >see?Now that is a non-gay animal, because he is clearly a manly man that don’t need noone. He can stand alone, and survive without anyones help.Rest of your animals?Gay.(I really don’t know why I have decided that I am going to be the eternal nemisis of all your animals by calling them gay, but I think it works)

  2. >He sure is purty though.

  3. >Are you sure it’s male? My first thought, based upon what’s under it’s beak, is that it’s a sage grouse. Doesn’t look like any prairie chicken I’ve seen on the tube. Looks tasty tho.

  4. >Looks like a quail to me.

  5. >I’d say an orange-breasted extension cord. Hmmm. Sort of quailish, but looks heavier and the ones I’ve seen had the top knot (but maybe that’s just the males?). There were lots of quail in SLC in the area I grew up–lots of trees. I’m guessing R.G. is more of a “wide open spaces” guy. I’d have to go with Compos on the grouse theory.

  6. >It is a quail. And a nice fat quail at that. I Dad had a couple of big coveys of them on his place, and he wouldn’t let me do anything to them. It was awful hard to watch those fat puppy waddle by without thinking of them roasting on the grill.Geezer,Were you swimming in that creek by chance? Just asking.

  7. >I posted a link to the answer in the main post.The link goes to a Utah Bird site.*looks at Skinbad*This morning on the news they said that there were about 2000 dead Mallards near the creek.

  8. >*hangs head in shame**vows to cheat next time*

  9. >A Chukkar?? I that how you Spudders spell Quail? Ok, what ever suits you.Actually in the photo in your back yards, the critter has the same shape and color of a quail, and that stick looks like a topknot. I wonder if Chukkars taste like quail?

  10. >I’ve got to say I didn’t see the second picture until after my comment. Would that have helped me get the right answer? I’m not saying. But it would have definitely eliminated quail.

  11. >That link goes to birds in Utah. Do you live on the state line? Never heard of a Chukkar. I’ve heard of a Chaka Khan. She’s a good lookin’ bird too.

  12. >You have to have one short leg to hunt chukkars as they live in the rocky side hills and prefer running to flying. BTW, they’re all white meat.

  13. >Yeah, you can stalk them alllll the way up to the top of a hill then when you get there you can see them flying down to the bottom of the next one.Revenge.We had them in Nevada although HayZeus has seen them back east.

  14. >Keep in mind that the only reason that I’ve seen one is because a buddy raised them along with several other species of game bird once. They’re not indigenous here on the East side, yo.

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