>Fearful Christmas Decorations

>Mrs. Geezer has been working hard on some Stained Glass windows lately and hasn’t done much holiday decorating.

Today she surprised me with this Christmas Hedgehog in the guest bathroom.

By surprised, I mean that I was groggily splashing water on my face this morning and looked over and saw this Frickin’ Wolverine, about 12 inches away from my throat.

Woke me right up.


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  1. >RG,Count your Christmas blessings, at lest it wasn’t going for the ‘nads!

  2. >”You think this bow is cute, do you? Well? Do you? Go ahead, spit it out. SAY IT! SAAAY IIITTT!!!!”

  3. >But it is Cute!!! It’s also. . . . Kinda gay.Geezer has a gay hedgehog.

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