>Mrs. Geezer Wraps Up Another Job

I haven’t seen her in a while. After breakfast she disappears back in her Glass Studio.

She comes to bed after Midnight.

She is just finishing a big job that needed to be done before Christmas.

No wonder she looks happy.

Me too.


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  1. >I love these kinds of crafts (I don’t know if the good lady geezer(what rather disharmonic title for your wife) does it for additional income or whatever, so I’m operating just in terms of the craft itself) I spend a lot of my time bored, I don’t know if I’ve ever been able to express that in my comments, and so I watch all these crafts shows, and read crafts sites, and I think to myself “I want to do that!”So far I haven’t followed up, but for anyone who is able to follow through, and do a good job (the clear symmetry of the two panels is obvious) impresses the hell out of me.Also, thank god this time she doesn’t have any injuries.

  2. >She’s scaled waaay back since we moved to the country.Here’s some of her work:StainedGlass4u.com

  3. >She does beautiful work! Has she done on windows for your home in Idaho?

  4. >Very nice work! Stained Glass is such neat stuff and is a beautiful art medium. It is nice to have something you can work on with your hands. I do natural wood (Cedar, Redwood and Cypress) tables, plants stands and such. If I had a TIG welder, I would be making metal sculpture which I love doing.

  5. >Beautiful work. I’ kinda curious.since the led threading, is that what it’s called? or is it bordering? I forget, only ever seen like 3 cut glass crafts shows (it’s a rather rare craft) is the most common method of holding the glass in place, I was wondering if that Cement bench was one of her more dificult accomplishments?It’s a diferent medium to create on, and since the led “threading” or whatever it’s called is the most common, did she have a problem working with the cement/concrete bench? or were the dynamics taken care of someone else, and the good lady geezer just did the glass mosaic?cuz, I think cement shrinks, and permanently setting seems like it would take an extra special skill.Just curious.

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