>Why Does My Nose Run…

…When I Eat Spicy Food?

“…most spicy foods contain something called ‘capsaicin,’ a chemical found in peppers. When ingested, it’s believed to affect ‘the quantity and thickness of mucus and other fluids secreted in the nasal passages.’ In other words, it’s a kind a nasal decongestant.

Well wouldn’t eating peppers help me clear up my sinuses?

“You might think ingesting a lot of spicy foods would help clear out allergies or a cold. But, according to Organic Authority, you’d be wrong. While spicy food like peppers and wasabi ‘offers brief relief,’ in reality, ‘your nasal congestion will worsen, making you even more miserable.’ That’s because spicy foods cause greater congestion in the long term…”

Why does my nose run when I eat spicy food?:


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  1. >My nose always runs whenever I eat a meal. It doesn’t seem to matter much if it’s spicy or not. Half the time I wipe my mouth it’s really just a cover for a surreptitious nose wipe.

  2. >Are you going to eat that mantis or you stare at it? Go ahead and eat it, it will clear up your sinuses.

  3. >I thought it was an abnormaly large solid boogie.

  4. >Enas, if I ever come to Vegas we won’t be going to lunch.

  5. >KC, you are insufficiently evil. You must travel to Vegas to thank Enas for your skull, and take him to lunch. Then you must swipe his napkin.

  6. >I just want to know what God was thinking on this whole ‘nose’ thing? Why would you put an icky drippy thing like that upside down over your mouth?Of course, noses are cute on girls. And I got the stache to intercept the occasional jalapeno-induced runner. So I got that goin for me. Which is nice.d in t

  7. >I got the stache to intercept the occasional jalapeno-induced runnerDave, lol.Take more Meds and you won’t even care.

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