>Important Safety Tip

>Here’s a tip for those of you who live in colder areas of the country.

Ever had your lock freeze up on your vehicle?

H/T Kelso.


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  1. >Funny!When I lived in Co. Springs, I used to keep a squeeze bottle of Isopropal Alcohol in the trunk. Just squirt some on the lock and key – Viola! In like Flint. I made many a rescues with that bottle of IPA.

  2. >The lighter on the key thing doesn’t work.I own older unmodified cars (I just like older body styles and can’t afford the modern cars that I prefer (for instance, the next new, or near new car I buy(if I do so in the next few years) will be a Lexus LS430, or an infinity, is it GS4? or a cadillac CKS model. I like nice things) thats just how I am) And I learned with my 92 crown vic, that one way to make it easier to unlock the car, isn’t in the heating of the key (cuz really that just means that your key gets frozen in the lock) but to force the keey through the ice, see if there is any mechanical give, and then to throw your body against the door.Generaly it is less the mechanics of the lock, and more the mechanics of the mechanism that engages the door, so you reduce resistance, by impacting the door inward. Though that tends to dent your car door, and risks shattering your window, and rarely works.just saying. 🙂

  3. >I drove many a winter morning to high school in a jeep holding the door shut. You could (usually) get it open, but then it wouldn’t latch until it warmed up. It had a 3 on the tree tranny and (obviously) no power steering. Holding the door, steering, and shifting at the same time was an adventure.

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