>Hypnotized Horses


Whenever we see any of our horses laying down, we make it a point to
go over and sit on their back. We also try to get them to relax and lay on their side.

Horses are prey animals, they need to trust you before they will put themselves in a submissive, vulnerable position.

The brown horse is a 3 year-old gelding and the Pinto is a 1 year old filly.

I’m not revealing Mrs. Geezer’s age but she *does* get the Senior Special at Denny’s.

The secret to Hypnotizing them is to whisper “My Hovercraft is Full of Eels”, in their ear.

This puts their brain in an endless loop and they will do anything you tell them to.

Mrs. Geezer puts the Mojo on their Minds.

Thanks to Muslihoon for the translation all the fish.


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  1. >Is that formula used to hypnotize the horses or the people at Denny’s?

  2. >When we got our dog, I read something about putting them in a vulnerable position as puppies would make them better with people when they grew up. I’d put her on her back on my lap and rub her stomach while we watched TV. It also said to take food away from them while they were eating–teaching them to not be defensive and territorial about food. I did that too. I don’t know how much we owe to that, but she’s been a wonderful dog.

  3. >and the Pinto is a 1 year old filly.I ain’t no filly.

  4. >Your hens might not be gay, but clearly your horses are Sub/Dom Fettishers, and they are all clearly subs.Once again, don’t get me started on your ferral cat.THATS RIGHT CAT!

  5. >If you hold a lobster on his back and rub his belly, he’ll relax so much as to seem dead.Then you throw him in the pot.

  6. >They are darlings. Just like big dogs.

  7. >The filly looks like she’s smiling.

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