>Don’t Fall for This


Here’s a cartoon representing the natural progression of someone falling for the Nigerian Scam.

Click to enlarge the picture.


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  1. >The sad thing is, the scam wouldn’t work if there weren’t people that were stupid and greedy enough to fall for it. They deserve to be ripped off.

  2. >Wait – THIS IS A SCAM??? Oh shit.

  3. >Wait – THIS IS A SCAM??? Oh shit.enas,For $5000 I can help you take of the problem.

  4. >I can offer the same services for $3000.No, wait, $50 and I’ll include an autographed photo of Spudder the Idaho Barn Cat.

  5. >I do it for $55! The extra $5 is so you don’t have to look at Spudder the Idaho Barn Cat.

  6. >*extends talons*How far away is Texas, anyhow?

  7. >*extends talons*How far away is Texas, anyhow?Spudder,You don’t want to mess with me, I’ve had cats a hell of lot longer than you have been alive, and I KNOW how to handle them. Besides, I think you are cool, and I was trying to keep Retired Geezer from exploiting you.

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