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Which “A Christmas Story” Character Are You?

You are Ralphy! A complete dreamer and positive thinker. You WILL get that Red Ryder BB gun!
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  1. >AWESOME movie.I’ve mentioned it.I can easily jog to the “gene Sheppard memorial community center” in less than 30 minutes.I was raised within 3 blocks of gene sheppards childhood home, my mother was a child during the timeline of the movie, and “ralphie” (gene sheppard) only lived about 5 houses away.My father knew randy (and randy grew up to be a rotten prick) my border was one of randy’s best friends in later years (and my border was a rotten prick in many ways, though an interesting one)During the santa scene? In the background you hear a “bell”/”gong” that sounds like a liberty bell sized ding. One of my best friends owns that bell, because his mother was a part of the protection that was offered during the destruction of the goldblatts on Hohmann.That movie isn’t just a classic, and one of the great expressions of childhoold dreams (though I think the voiceover was over done) It’s based in not just my area, but in my home town.What is the name of city that Ralphy lived in?

  2. >and I just took the quiz,I’m Mr. Parker, the father.I blame the glen fidich question, I can pass up lindsay lohan, but not a glass of decent scotch.

  3. >I’m Ralphie’s Dad Mr Parker also”You are Mr. Parker! Very practical and a bit of a hard nose, but still quite loveable!”

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