>350,000 Without Power

>Looks like the Midwest is getting the brunt of this storm.

“ST. LOUIS, Missouri (AP) — The temperature barely rose into the 20s Sunday as hundreds of thousands waited for the restoration of electrical service that was knocked out by an ice and snow storm.

That’s one reason I told my friend Not to get a Pellet Stove, you need electricity to make it work. Plus I’ve heard that they are noisy.


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  1. >OT,You posted a link at IB for me about a bear but the link isn’t working. You’ve got me curious now 🙂

  2. >Here’s the link about a bear in a corn field that was trying to dig itself out from under a combine.http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/bearcombine.asp

  3. >Those flatlanders must a been mighty suprised when ol’ yogi stuck his nose out! lol!

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