>I Hate Barbed Wire – Reason 58


We used to have a real likeable neighbor who owned about 10 horses. He moved away after his wife died but still keeps 5 horses at his old ten-acre pasture. Mrs. Geezer looks after them. They eat the grass in the field so basically she just makes sure they have water and checks for injuries.
Yesterday she went down to check and called me right away. “Call Fred (not his real name) and tell him that one of his horses is really, really, really hurt.
It took him about an hour to come because he lives about 40 miles away now. Normally his stock answer when we report a horse injury to him is, “It’s a long way from the Heart”.

Well, Fred, this injury ain’t a long way from her heart, in fact it’s real close.

I don’t know how or where she injured herself, I walked the entire fence line and didn’t see any blood. Judging from her wound, I think there must have been a bunch.

It looked to me like she reared up and came down on a T-Post. That *may* have happened or she may have just ripped it on barbed wire like the last 4 horses that got injured, did.

Important Safety Tip: Barbed wire is NOT for horses, it’s for Cows.

He examined the wound and decided to take her back home with him.

After our horse injured her foot, last month, Mrs. G declared that she wouldn’t take our horses down there anymore.


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  1. >Had a Platoon Commander ( a female ) who raised horses, she only trained a SMALL few, and sold the rest. She used a narrow wire, without barbing, in the training area, the rest of the, whatever it’s called for horses, pasture? or whatever, was contained by numerous ribons of something LIKE! chain link, though it didn’t look like chain link, but chain link is the closest example I could think of.The fence wasn’t continuous, the lower levels were basicaly steel tubing, the uper levels had chain link. And by “uper levels” I mean about human vision. so at about 5’10-6′ level the only barrier was steel tubing spaced about 4″ to 8″ apart, and then above the fence, in the PASTURE, ONLY in the pasture, the links reaced about 8′.I wasn’t that into horses, so I’m trying to remember, but I remember, she was planning on retiring and building a training and breeding house for horses, and that bitch, she was 4’8″ tall, MY PLATOON COMMANDER was 4’8″ tall! No shit! could make a horse dance a waltz when a slicker like myself mounted them.Hell, I have been on a bull ONCE!she said she had a “tame bull” after myself and many of my friends found out about the. .. .thong? coil? whatever it is they use to tie a bulls balls up, (I don’t know about you OG, but unless my balls are hitting the floor, I will be happy with how they hang) during a rodeo.She demonstrated her bull, and asked if any of us would be willing to mount him, and, me being me, said that I would do it.That bull was like a friggen haggard old nag, didn’t care, a touch feisty, but didn’t bust it’s ass to kick me off.She then asked if I wanted to try it with the thong or whatever it’s called, where you tie up a bulls balls, and I said “NO!!!!” and I think I also cried, because the bull might have heard.

  2. >One more thing that is off topic, but on topic since you are talking about horses.Chicks who ride horses regularly, or often enough?HAVE AWESOME ASSES!!Chicks who can handle a canter have the BEST asses on the planet.I’m just saying.

  3. >I had not noticed that, WP, but I must say it makes perfect sense.You strike me as a very observant fellow.

  4. >Look now Michael, SWEET SWEET ASSES!

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