>Chilly Chickens

It got down to 18 degrees last night.

Today the chickens were huddled together trying to keep warm.

How are things in your town?


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  1. >Today the chickens were huddled together trying to keep warm.Thats always the excuse, fact is your chickens are GAY!GAY AS THE DAY IS LONG,GAY AS the Blade of Zorro (80’s reference)GAY as a Rosey O’Donnel produced featuring Wham and Elton John.You gots yourself gay chickens.

  2. >I’m not sure if I said this, but you have gay chickens.Next they will be demanding bathouses, and dual occupancy appartments for exclusive hens.And don’t get me started on your Cocks.Really don’t get me started on your cocks, thats just . . . well frightening, I’m sorry I mentioned it.

  3. >WP,I think you are projecting. It’s time you come out of the closet boy, we won’t belittle you (yeah right). As for the chickens, their not gay, they are typical females, huddling together and casting the male out of the huddle. Why do you think straight males crave threesomes?Mr Minority

  4. >It’s so cold down ere in Texas, my cats are huddling together, and they are not gay.Mr Minority

  5. >You have gay cats.I mean hell, they don’t even have to “huddle” I think you misspelled, they are actually “cuddling” together, because they don’t even have to cuddle to be gay. Cats are fundamentaly gay.Gay cats, gay chickens.Criminy!!!I even bet that feral cat is gay.YEAH! YOU HEARD ME GEEZERS FERAL CAT!?BRING IT!

  6. >WP,Again you are projecting your gayness. My cats can’t be gay, they are neutered. And we can perform this service for you too, if you wish to rid yourself of your gayness.

  7. >That blonde one looks like Lance Bass.

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