>Encounter with God

>Heavy Stuff. Worth reading.

“So here I am, at home, at 2 AM. It’s dark. It’s finally quiet. No more cops interviewing my sister after she’s caught skipping school with my pal. No more of my Dad, who showed up for this at least, asking if it can be considered statutory rape and making inane threats about killing said friend. Whatever, dad. You weren’t there for the preventive measures before hand, it’s a little late now. No more histrionics from my sister over her ‘Romeo and Juliet’ attachment. No more lamentations from my mother on how she failed as a mother. Bullshit, my sister is a free willed person who didn’t listen to anyone back then. Hmm, did I say ‘back then.’ That’s another story. No more phone calls from ex-friends wondering what is going on so they can go back and tell the guilty party whether or not he’s screwed.
It’s quiet and I’m alone. Dead alone.”

Read the whole thing.

H/T Compos Mentis.


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