>Idaho Art Prodigy – Akiane

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“People across the world are willing to pay millions of dollars for the profound paintings of a 12-year-old Idaho girl.

Now, those internationally recognized paintings are on display in Boise.

At first glimpse, Akiane Kramarik looks just like any other 12-year-old.

“She’s a girl with braces who likes many things that other girls like,” Akiane’s mother Foreli said.

She painted this picture of Jesus when she was 8 years old.

But unlike most girls her age, Akiane is up at four each morning, so she can devout at least 5 hours to a gift – a gift that has led many to call her a prodigy.

Here’s her Website.

Her story on KTVB.COM :


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  1. >She is amazing.When I was 11 years old, I had difficulty drawing a recognizable stick figure. Actually, I still do.

  2. >When I was 11 years old?I spent every moment at home crying because my big brother, who was my mother, my father, and my mentor joined the AF, or rather was ABOUT to join the AF.I spent my 11th year going through a divorce (though my parents were still married) because my brother was leaving me.

  3. >Eh, she will never make it big in the contemporary art world. Seriously? Christian religious stuff? Where’s the animal dung? Nothing dipped into vats of urine? It’s almost like she deliberately avoided denigrating Christianity. Feh. She might as well be painting Elvis on black velvet.Well, who knows – once she grows up a bit and gets more exposure to what REALLY rocks the art world she’ll realize how amateurish and embarrassing her work is and start producing something better.YAWN.

  4. >Gosh, when I was that age I was just learning how to smoke, break into houses, hold my liquor and what little girls were made of (still cootie-infested, though).

  5. >I started painting when I was 14. I am still 14. When you do art, there are usually two or more artists that you study and try to incorporate their technique into your own work. So far, it’s been Renoir for impressionist painting and even Surat. Now, after searching for the right realist painter I’ve finally found her. Her work is what I want to be about, and I want to learn from her. As for Enas Yorl, stuff it. Where do you get off emphasizing the word Christian? This is her interpretation of her beliefs and if you don’t believe the same things, don’t put her down. Maybe she doesn’t want to be in your precious contemp. world. She paints for herself, and all of those who want to see from the hands of God Himself. If you don’t want to see her work; don’t look!

  6. >Asha, you probably don’t recognize sarcasm. Enas really likes her work but he was making a joke.

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