>Hand Feeding Hummingbirds

I thought this was photoshopped when I first saw it.
It’s real.

“On September 14, 2006 my wife Abigail decided she’d like to ‘touch’ one of the 20 or 30 hummingbirds that were swarming around our feeder at the peak of their migration. With patience and determination she accomplished her goal. I am her husband Sam, and I shot the photos of her hand-feeding hummingbirds in our yard here in near Franklinton, Louisiana.”

Hand Feeding Hummingbirds by The Hummingbird Lady:


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  1. >I believe it’s real.Not cuz you told me it was, but because women don’t like unflattering pictures, and no woman would take a picture of herself edging on the act of shitting herself, if it wasn’t authentic. I don’t care how good an actress she iss.

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