>Mrs. Geezer’s Latest Injury


We were out doing Sprinkler Blowouts together. She usually gets the compressor ready while I roll out the hose.

I heard a crash and a bang and looked back to see her holding her nose. The bi-fold door did something weird and cracked her across the bridge of the nose.


Notice her peachy complexion and beautiful green eyes.

The picture of the compressor is an old photo taken before I bought it.
The axle broke and the wheel fell off. He sold it to me and I fixed it.

Free Advertising for my buddy Chris.
Call Red Wagon if you need a blowout. I’m done doing them this year.


About Retired Geezer

Just another Old Retired Geezer in the Spud State.

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  1. >We Like your wife!!! stop victimizing HER!!!Criminy!Mrs. Geezer? Stop letting your husband trick you into bad idea’s as though he is a big brother.You should have a silken chaise, wearing multi-layered transluscent silke, as you lay on a chaise, and instruct Retired Geezer in his next act. You shouldn’t be a part of his seemingly big brother jokes, you should be venus, floating over the landscape, giving him inspiration, without making you take all the damage.Geezer? you are a good guy, but really, you, need to be the one to take the hit.after 3 mrs. geezer injuries, you need to throw out a back or a shoulder, while serving madame devine geezers whims.I’m just say’n:)

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